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AMC Extension Committee Members | About the Extension Committee
AMC Extension Liaison:  Ryan Erdmann, Member Engagement Coordinator


The  AMC Extension Committee is a Special AMC Committee established by the Board of Directors.  The overall purpose of the AMC Extension Committee is to look at ways to strengthen the partnership between county government and the University of Minnesota.   This includes providing a commissioner’s perspective on Extension administrative decisions impacting counties and program emphasis in the state, and serving in an advisory capacity.  Click here for a full description of the AMC Extension Committee.

Purpose:  To strengthen the partnership between county government and University of Minnesota Extension.    

Responsibilities: Committee members also provide county commissioners’ perspectives on Extension administrative decisions impacting counties, negotiation of the statewide memorandum of agreement, awareness of Extension program emphasis in the state, selection of the AMC Community Youth Leadership awards and serving in an overall advisory capacity to the Dean of Extension.

Membership: Two delegates are appointed from AMC districts 1 through 9 and three delegates from district 10.  The delegates are appointed by the district director or voted on by district members. Terms are three years with the option of reappointment if the district dictates.  The committee is governed by a chair and vice chair selected from the committee membership yearly.

Attendance: Committee participation is critical. Therefore, if a member misses three meetings in one calendar year, the association president can request that the district director appoint a new representative.

Meetings: Meets three times in person including, at the Legislative Conference, late August/early September in St. Paul with the University of Minnesota Extension Citizens Advisory Committee and at the AMC Annual Conference.  The summer meeting is sponsored by Extension and it includes a trip to the Minnesota State Fair to meet with the 4-H ambassadors to learn about 4-H fair participation (no reimbursement for travel or per diem). All other meetings by phone and/or Go-To-Meeting as needed.