National Association of Counties

Through its affiliation with the National Association of Counties (NACo), AMC enjoys a presence in the federal government arena. NACo staff are headquartered in Washington, D.C. to provide a strong lobbying effort on national issues that affect individual counties throughout the nation.
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Minnesota Delegation at the 2023 NACo Annual Conference.

NACo was created in 1935 when county officials wanted to have a voice in the nation's capital. More than six decades later, NACo continues to ensure that the nation's 3066 counties are heard and understood in the White House and the halls of Congress. NACo's membership totals over 1,800 counties, representing over 75 percent of the nation's population, including 100% of Minnesota counties.

NACo is a full-service organization that provides an extensive line of services including legislative, research and technical, as well as public affairs assistance to member counties. The Association acts as a liaison with other levels of government, works to improve public understanding of counties, serves as a national advocate for counties and provides them with resources to help them find innovative methods to meet current challenges. NACo is also involved in a number of special projects that deal with such issues as the environment, sustainable communities, volunteerism and intergenerational studies. NACo’s membership totals nearly 1,800 counties.

Steering committees, whose members include county officials from every region of the country, are charged on an annual basis with evaluating issues and policies. The policy development process leads to the publication of the American County Platform that NACo uses as a guide to deliver county government’s message to the President, Congress and the American public. County officials may also participate on one of NACo’s 28 affiliate and/or caucus organizations. These organizations are composed of county officials who share similar responsibilities, interests or knowledge.

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NACo's "Why Counties Matter" Video Counties provide the services we all depend on. With America's system of federalism, counties are a key level of government, serving the people directly. They keep our communities healthy, vibrant, safe and fiscally sound.  The 3,069 counties are the service arm of government services and provide the building blocks for healthy, resilient and fiscally sound communities.  Learn more...

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Minnesota Representatives on the NACo Board of Directors

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