Quasi-County Associations

Association of Minnesota Emergency Managers (AMEM)

Established in 1955, the Association of Minnesota Emergency Managers (AMEM) is comprised of over 400 county, city and other emergency response planners throughout the state of Minnesota. The association strives to develop a solid network of experienced Emergency Management professionals; foster and advocate the development of procedures and programs which advance disaster preparedness throughout Minnesota; insure a high caliber of training and professional development; and cultivate a professional society for its' members.

Contact: Jim Halstrom, Executive Director

Minnesota Inter-County Association (MICA)

MICA is a voluntary, joint powers organization of fifteen Minnesota counties including most of Minnesota’s larger and faster growing counties that together are home to over 35 percent of the state’s residents, located in four suburban and eleven greater Minnesota counties. The association is a vehicle for planning and implementing projects and programs of interest to member counties, supporting county success through effective state policy advocacy, providing expert analysis, and driving innovation and improved outcomes in government services.

MICA works on behalf of its members to:

  • Influence regional and state programs to solve problems common to its members,
  • Produce and share high quality information on issues of concern to its members and their residents,
  • Increase public understanding of county government, and
  • Facilitate cooperation among counties in areas of mutual interest.

Contact: Paul Nasvik, Legislative Assistant
161 St. Anthony Avenue, Suite 850, St. Paul, MN 55103
Phone: 651-222-8737

Minnesota Association of Community Mental Health Programs, Inc. (MACMHP)
The Minnesota Association of Community Mental Health Programs improves access to and quality of behavioral healthcare in Minnesota.

Contact: 1821 University Avenue West, Suite 307-S, St. Paul, MN 55104
Phone: 651-642-1903, Fax: 651-645-1399
Minnesota Association of County Health Plans (MACHP)

The Minnesota Association of County Health Plans (MACHP) is made up of individual counties or county joint-purchasing boards that have been designated as County-Based Purchasing (CBP) organizations under Minnesota law, and other county health alliances. MACHP operates in affiliation with the Association of Minnesota Counties (AMC), and represents 25 of 80 rural counties. Counties that operate CBP plans are the local buyers of health care coverage for residents in their counties who are eligible for Minnesota Health Care Programs. Visit www.machp.org for more information.

Contact: Beth Hendrickson, PrimeWest Health/MACHP
3905 Dakota St, Alexandria, MN 56308
Phone: 320-335-5338
Email: beth.hendrickson@primewest.org

Minnesota City/County Facility Management Association
The goal of MCCFMA is to gather city and county facility managers across the state of Minnesota to engage in professional development opportunities. MCCFMA seeks to develop and maintain high standards in care, operation, development and promotion of excellence in city and county facilities. MCCFMA also seeks to aid and cooperate with federal, state, and local agencies in promoting professional ideals and standards that promote the objectives of the association. At association meetings, facility managers from cities and counties across the state of Minnesota discuss best practices in the industry. The meetings also include expert guest speaker presentations, networking, collaborative workshops, and more.

Contact: Becky Accettura, Project Manager
AMC, 125 Charles Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55103
Phone: 651-789-4336

Minnesota Corrections Association (MCA)
It is the goal of the Minnesota Corrections Association (MCA) to: provide effective correctional programs and high professional standards of correctional practices; to assist in the educational and professional development of MCA members and; to influence legislative and administrative policymaking through participation of MCA members on advisory boards, task forces and government hearings. MCA is an affiliate of the American Correctional Association and of the American Probation and Parole Association. Membership: 1200 (local, state, federal, private sector corrections)

Contact: 1821 University Ave W Suite S256, St. Paul, MN 55104

Phone: 651-462-8320   Fax: 651-717-6137
Minnesota Counties Intergovernmental Trust (MCIT)
MCIT is a joint powers organization formed under Minnesota Statutes 471.59 and 471.981 to provide a mechanism for counties to collectively self-insure workers’ compensation and property/casualty. MCIT is open to any governmental unit or political subdivision allowed by law but only serves local government. MCIT is governed by a board of directors made up of county commissioners, county auditors and county administrators who are elected and appointed to the board. MCIT is a sponsored organization of the Association of
Minnesota Counties. Membership: 436 (counties, SWCDs, collaboratives and joint powers organizations).

Contact: Robyn Sykes, Executive Director

100 Empire Drive, Suite 100, St. Paul, MN 55103-1885
Phone: Toll Free: 866-547-6516
Local: 651-209-6400, Fax: 651-209-6496
Minnesota Counties Computer Cooperative (MnCCC)
The purpose of the Minnesota Counties Computer Cooperative is to jointly and cooperatively provide for the establishment, operation and maintenance of data processing facilities and management information systems. MnCCC provides services, software and other cost-effective measures that reduce the costs of data processing for members. Software provided by MnCCC includes property tax, mass appraisal, law enforcement, corrections, public health management, financial, human resources and license center software. Membership: 86 (includes county agencies)

Contact: Lisa Meredith, Executive Director

100 Empire Drive, Suite 201, St. Paul, MN 55103-1885
Phone: 651-917-6969, Fax: 651-917-6989
Minnesota Rural Counties  (MRC)

Minnesota Rural Counties is dedicated to promoting and protecting rural jobs, culture and concerns and is the only membership organization advocating specifically for rural county interests. Through the MRC, rural counties have established an effective communications and leadership network within the Association of Minnesota Counties, where they can develop, promote and quickly respond to developing issues that are important to rural counties.

Contact: Dan Larson, Executive Director
5077 144th Street West, St. Paul, MN 55124
Phone: 612-210-2493

Minnesota Social Services Association (MSSA)

MSSA provides leadership to enhance the lives of Minnesotans by supporting diversity, impacting public policy, and educating and communicating among human service professionals. MSSA individual members include human service professionals at every level - including board members, directors, social workers and direct line staff. MSSA’s grassroots legislative process produces an agenda with recommendations on a wide range of social service policy issues. The MSSA legislative committee and staff work to coordinate input from the Association’s broad based membership to influence public policy. A great deal of emphasis is placed on working with organizations such as AMC, whose legislative agenda shares much in common with that of MSSA. MSSA also provides high quality training and staff development programs including the largest, most comprehensive human service conference in the Midwest.

Contact: Beth Ringer, Executive Director

125 Charles Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55103
Phone: 651-644-0556, Fax: 651-224-6540
Minnesota Transportation Alliance
The Minnesota Transportation Alliance is a not-for-profit coalition of groups, businesses, labor and local governments concerned about surface transportation in Minnesota—including highways, bridges, streets and intermodal connections to transit, trucks, rail roads, barges, ships and airports. The mission of the Alliance is to ensure an effective statewide transportation system for Minnesota. The Alliance addresses issues for all modes of transportation through the leadership and active involvement of a broad-based membership. Membership: 700.
Contact: Margaret Donahoe, Executive Director
525 Park Street, Suite 105, St. Paul, MN 55103-2186
Phone: 651-659-0804, Fax: 651-659-9009
Minnesota Association of Workforce Boards (MAWB)
The Minnesota Association of Workforce Boards (MAWB) represents the interests of local elected officials the workforce development board members they appoint, and their staff. The Association provides a central forum for the partners to discuss common interests, develop policy consensus, share successful job training strategies and maintain lines of communication with state and federal governments with and among Minnesota’s sixteen local workforce development areas. It is the mission of MAWB to provide Minnesota with a skilled and competitive workforce through engaged and proactive local elected officials, workforce boards, and staff.  

Contact: Jeanna Fortney, Director
AMC, 125 Charles Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55103
Phone: 651-789-4323, Fax: 651-224-6540

Rural Minnesota Energy Board (RMEB)

The Rural Minnesota Energy Board is a Joint Powers of 18 counties in southern Minnesota; formed to provide policy guidance on issues surrounding energy development in rural Minnesota.
The Rural Minnesota Energy Board is committed to cooperating in a joint venture to provide the greatest public service benefit possible for the 18 county area encompassed by the Counties in policy, planning, management, and implementation of methods to deal with energy and transmission in rural Minnesota.

Contact: Jason Walker
2401 Broadway Ave
Slayton, MN 56172