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AMC members now have access to highly rated online courses with Lisa Negstad. The Practical Leadership 2.0: Supervising for Team Engagement workshop series is offered exclusively for Minnesota county leaders.  Gain useful insight in an engaging virtual classroom while learning with colleagues from across the state.  

AMC Practical Leadership 2.0  (3 days, 2 hours each) 
No sessions scheduled at this time.

Practical Leadership 2.0: Building Engaged Teams

Many work environments are increasingly complex and uncertain, requiring high functioning teams. Effective teamwork and collaboration needs to be cultivated and given regular attention. This workshop teaches how to develop shared leadership among team members and provides concrete tools for improving collaboration.

The workshop can accommodate two types of participants: 1) intact teams who would like to come and work on some of the tools together; and, 2) individual supervisors who want to come and learn the tools to bring back to their teams. 

Curriculum Areas:

  • Engaged team characteristics
  • Social and System Intelligence
  • Co-creating effective team agreements
  • Cultivating trust among team members
  • Supervisor role in fostering engaged teams

Learning Outcomes:

  • Increase understanding of the team as a separate entity that needs care and attention
  • Acquire methods of creating shared accountability within teams
  • Learn latest research about what creates engaged teams
  • Gain skills in airing and resolving conflicts within a team

Note: It is recommended you take Practical Leadership 1.0: Supervising for Employee Engagement. While no material is repeated between the two courses, the curriculum of Practical Leadership 1.0 and 2.0 complements each other.

Feedback from Practical Leadership 2.0 Participants

"From start to finish, this was not only completely relevant and useful to my everyday supervision experience, it sparked ideas and inspiration. The presentation was also great!"

"Lisa's expertise and passion for the subject made the training super informative and engaging. Examples and tools were very relevant to my needs as a supervisor and I left with clear ideas of ways I can approach working with teams in new ways."

What if I have a conflict with one of the three parts?
 Each session builds upon the previous session. Therefore, if you have a conflict with one or more of the parts, we recommend not registering for this workshop series.

Will the session be recorded? Because of the highly interactive nature of this workshop series, which will include ongoing conversation via chat and polls, it will not be recorded.

Can registrations be shared? To achieve the best possible learning outcomes during this workshop series, each participant needs to have their own connection to the virtual classroom, which means registrations can't be shared. Participants will be actively engaging with the trainer via chat and polls, and thus each needs to have their own keyboard, computer, and connection to the training.

Note: The online version is conducted for six hours over three days and contains the exact information as the one-day, in-person workshop while eliminating the need to travel. It uses Adobe Connect. Log-in instructions will emailed to you one week prior to the first day of the training workshop. You will need a computer with a reliable high-speed internet connection. Audio is available via your computer or your phone; choose the audio connection that provides you with the best sound quality.

If you have questions, please contact Suzanne LaPalm.