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mhtreeThe Association of Minnesota Counties is honored to partner with the Mitchell Hamline School of Law once again to offer a negotiation workshop designed for county leaders new to negotiation – or those looking for a refresher.
Here are materials that were used during the Negotiation 101 workshop. 
Please review the workshop agenda and feel free to look at workshop supplemental resources. However, please do not download or read any of the workshop role plays or exercises UNTIL you are instructed to do so (and assigned a specific role) by the workshop leader during the training.

  1. Agenda

  2. Workshop Role Plays and Exercises

    Salary Negotiation
    Salary-Prof Gordon
    Salary-Dept Chair

    Angel Apple Negotiation

    Race-Horse Negotiation
    Race Horse-Jockey
    Race Horse-Stable

    Blast Negotiation
    President of Citizens Against Blast
    President of Blast, Inc.
    Representative of the Pollution Control Agency

    Issue/Interest Diagnostic: Fox Belgian Bistro

    Negotiation Planning Form

  3.  Supplemental Resources
    Top 20 Negotiation Books
    Classic Articles About Negotiation (available online; free access)
    Comprehensive Negotiation Bibliography

cobenProfessor James Coben is a senior fellow in Mitchell Hamline’s Dispute Resolution Institute, which he directed from 2000-2009. He is a co-editor of the four- volume Rethinking Negotiation Teaching Series (DRI Press 2009-2013), a co-author of the Thomson Reuters trial practice series treatise Mediation: Law, Policy & Practice (2018-2019), and has designed and delivered conflict resolution academic workshops and practical training for government leaders, judges, lawyers, and other professionals throughout the world.

If you have questions related to the Negotiation 101 workshop with the Mitchell Hamline School of Law Dispute Resolution Institute, please contact:
mhmagcoverKitty Atkins  |  Associate Director
Dispute Resolution Institute
651-695-7677 |  Fax: 651-290-6427