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Important AMC Policy Development Dates -Fall 2020
AMC’s Fall Policy Committee Meetings in September kicked-off the annual AMC priorities and platform work.  Below is a list of important dates to be aware of as we work together to develop and refine our policy objectives for 2021.  Your involvement is key to having the best work product!  Please plan to attend your upcoming district meeting where you will have the opportunity to vote on the top priorities of your county.  If you have platform ideas, be sure to reach out to the policy analysts to ask questions, for assistance with drafting, or to discuss your ideas.  Your platform language needs to be submitted by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, October 30, 2020.

  • October 12: Policy Coordinating Committee meeting to review priorities from policy committees, resolve questions, and finalize the priority ballot language before district meetings.
  • October 22 - November 6: At AMC Fall District Meetings, members will vote on their top priorities for the 2021 legislative session.
  • October 30: Deadline for amendments  to the AMC platform.
  • November 9: Policy Coordinating Committee Meeting to review and assign platform proposals to each Policy      Committee.
  • Week of November 16: Policy Committees meet to vote on platform language which will then be forwarded to the Policy Coordinating Committee and general membership.
  • November 20: Policy Coordinating  Committee meets to resolve issues that may arise during the policy committee discussions and forward platform amendments to the general membership.
  • December 7: The AMC Board of Directors meets to consider and adopt AMC legislative priorities for 2021.
  • December 7: Annual Business  Meeting during which general membership will vote to approve platform changes for 2021.