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Purpose:  The task force was established in 2004 to provide a venue to explore innovative approaches to delivering county government services (redesign) and to grow leadership skills in county commissioners and department heads.  The task force has transitioned over the last twelve years to an advanced leadership academy that focuses on three key components including leadership skill development, county government innovation and AMC research & development.

Responsibilities: Committee members are requested to attend three training programs a year and participate with an open perspective learning about leadership development and county program innovation.  There are task force ground rules they are asked to abide by at each meeting and members are recruited to share their expertise at meetings. If they miss three consecutive meetings they are contacted to verify their interest in remaining on the committee.

Membership: County commissioners and department heads may apply to participate in the committee via an online application form posted on the AMC website.  The AMC executive committee is automatically appointed as members.  This executive committee reviews the applications submitted online to determine new appointments.  There are currently no participation terms, though it has been recommended that we consider 6 year terms. Membership rotation occurs because of members losing elections, department heads leaving their position or members requesting their appointment be terminated. 

Meetings: Task force meets three times a year in person.  Travel costs are reimbursed according to the current reimbursement policy. No per diem is provided.