Ground Rules and Expectations

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AMC FUTURES is intended to be a leadership, research and development committee, conducted in safe environment - encouraging candid and respectful discussion, creative thinking, and exposure to emerging trends and issues that promote/create effective and efficient public services.

  • Practice confidentiality and no direct attribution. In order to encourage candid and wide-ranging discussion we expect that participants will honor confidentiality.  “What is said in Futures stays in Futures.” The concepts and ideas that are discussed are shared with others outside the room; however as a safe space to explore new ideas, no comments are attributed to attendees unless they give permission for attribution.
  • Everyone is encouraged to participate. We want to hear from everybody. You may be asked to share what you think, or we may ask for comments from someone who hasn’t spoken yet. It is always OK to “pass” or decline to share your comments.
  • Listen to and be respectful of other points of view.  All of us bring pieces of information and ideas that may contribute to insights and innovation. People are more likely to participate and give their best effort when they know they are respected.
  • No one or two individuals should dominate the discussion.  If you have already voiced your ideas, let others have the opportunity to speak. Use the diversity in the room.
  • When we are in the large group, one person will speak at a time. Please refrain from having “side” conversations.  Please pay attention to the person that is speaking. If you are worried you might forget a good idea that comes to your mind, write it down.
  • Focus your attention to the topic being discussed. Your attention is a valuable asset for our work.  Please refrain from using phones, laptops and other electronic devices that may be distracting to others.  If you need to take a call or send emails please do so outside of the meeting room.
  • Be open to new ideas and perspectives. You may hear ideas that seem to make lots of sense to you, or that you see as nonsense. Think deeply about what is attractive or distracting about what you are hearing.  Explore your reasoning and assumptions.
  • Do your best to understand advantages and challenges of every issue we explore, not just the issues that you personally prefer. Be as objective and fair-minded as you can be.  Consider that every issue will probably have both strengths and weaknesses.
  • This is not a debate, but a public discussion. The purpose is not to win an argument, but to hear many points of view, explore multiple options, ideas and possible solutions, and seek to find ways to create more effective and efficient public service.
  • This is humorous and serious business. Creative ideas flow freely when we are having fun and enjoying the discussion.  It is serious business that can also be enjoyable. Get to know others.