About AMC

The Association of Minnesota Counties (AMC) is a voluntary, non-partisan statewide organization that has assisted the state’s 87 counties in providing effective county governance to the people of Minnesota since 1909.  The association works closely with the legislative and administrative branches of government in seeing that legislation and policies favorable to counties are enacted.  AMC also provides educational programs, training, research and communications for county officials.

AMC unites Minnesota’s counties to achieve public service excellence.

Minnesota counties are trusted partners in strengthening communities.

Board of Directors
The Association of Minnesota Counties is governed by a Board of Directors composed of five officers, one representative from each of nine AMC districts, five representatives from the Twin Cities metropolitan district, one representative from each county with a population of 400,000 or more, at least three National Association of Counties (NACo) representative, and ex-officio representatives from organizations affiliated with AMC.  The Board also serves as a Legislative Steering Committee during the legislative session.  The Board advises AMC staff on policy direction in those instances where the AMC Platform is silent, legislative circumstances have changed or quick action is needed.

AMC Districts
Counties belong to one of 10 districts. District meetings are held at least two times per year (usually in June and October) to refine policy positions and provide valuable information on specific county issues. These districts select delegates to serve on AMC’s five policy committees to assist in drafting the Association’s legislative policies.

Policy Committees
More than 130 delegates serve on AMC’s five policy committees: Environment & Natural Resources, General Government, Health & Human Services, Public Safety and Transportation & Infrastructure. The committees draft AMC legislative policies for approval by the full Association.

Minnesota Counties Foundation (MCF)
The Minnesota Counties Foundation (MCF) was created and incorporated in 1972 as a non-profit 501c(3) entity. MCF was created to run and accept money for the federal CETA program and other grant programs. A 501c(3) organization may not have more than 20 percent of its activities dedicated to lobbying activities. Currently, MCF’s primary mission is to own and manage the AMC building located at 125 Charles Avenue in St. Paul. AMC leases the building from MCF. In addition, MCF receives grant money for special projects.