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Association of Minnesota Counties
125 Charles Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55103-2108
Main Line/Switchboard: 651-224-3344
Office Fax: 651-224-6540

Executive Director
Julie Ring
Direct: 651-789-4330
Janine Cross
Direct: 651-789-4338

Member Engagement Coordinator
Ryan Erdmann 
Direct: 651-789-4345

Research Coordinator
Jill Suurmeyer
Direct: 651-789-4357

Member Services & Communications
Deputy Director
Laurie Klupacs
Direct: 651-789-4329
Communications Coordinator/Webmaster
Becky Pizinger
Direct: 651-789-4332

Education & Training Specialist
Matthew Cassady
Direct: 651-789-4341

Member Services Associate
Suzanne LaPalm
Direct: 651-789-4333

Administrative Associate
Donna Haupert
Direct: 651-789-4356

Affiliate Project Manager
Bob Libal
Direct 651-789-4336 

Government Relations 
Government Relations Manager
General Government 
Matt Hilgart  - Policy Analyst
Direct: 651-789-4343

Environment & Natural Resources
Brian Martinson - Policy Analyst
Direct: 651-789-4322
Public Health & Human Services 
Matt Freeman - Human Services Policy Analyst
Direct: 651-789-4340

Kari Oldfield - Tabbert - Public Health Policy Analyst
Direct: 651-789-4354

Angie Thies - Child Wellbeing Policy Analyst
Public Safety
Emilio Lamba - Policy Analyst
Direct: 651-789-4335
Nathan Zacharias
Direct: 651-789-4342

Transportation & Infrastructure 
Emily Murray - Policy Analyst
Direct: 651-789-4339

Workforce, Economic Development & Housing 
Cate Duin - Policy Analyst
Direct: 651-789-4323

Government Relations Project Manager
Matt Cook
Direct: 651-789-4346

Project Manager 
Minnesota City/County Facility Management Association (MCCFMA)
Minnesota Association of Workforce Boards (MAWB)
Minnesota Association of County Professional Economic Developers (MAPCED)
Minnesota Association of Planning & Zoning Administrators (MACPZA)
Minnesota Solid Waste Administrators Association (SWAA)
Bob Libal
Direct 651-789-4336 

Local Public Health Association of Minnesota (LPHA)
Kari Oldfield - Tabbert - Director
Direct: 651-789-4354

Alicia Rodriguez - LPHA Project Manager
Direct: 651-789-4325

Minnesota Association of Community Corrections Act Counties (MACCAC)
Matt Cook - Program Manager
Direct: 651-789-4346
Minnesota Association of County Social Service Administrators (MACSSA)
Matt Freeman - Director
Direct: 651-789-4340

Fiona Carson - Member Engagement Coordinator
Direct: 651-789-4359

Minnesota Association of Workforce Boards (MAWB)
Cate Duin - Director
Direct: 651-789-4323

Minnesota County IT Leadership Association (MNCITLA)
Nathan Zacharias
Direct: 651-789-4342