Counties Consider Litigation to Recoup Costs Related to the Opioid Epidemic

The AMC Board of Directors heard an update at their October 13 meeting about lawsuits that are being filed by counties, cities, and states against drug manufacturers and distributors to recoup costs related to human services, out of home placements, and law enforcement.

As this issue heats up, there are several law firms approaching counties in Minnesota to see if they want to file suit. The AMC Board of Directors heard about a handful of law firms that are contacting county officials, which may include county boards, county administrators, sheriffs or attorneys.

AMC is contacting the Minnesota County Attorneys Association and the Minnesota Sheriffs Association in the coming days to discuss opportunities for coordination.

The AMC Board believes it may be important that Minnesota counties have a coordinated approach to this issue, and would ask that any county that is considering litigation to contact AMC Executive Director Julie Ring before signing up with any law firm.

We expect law firms to pressure counties that this is a time sensitive issue - and it is. But there is still time for more information to be collected so that Minnesota counties are best positioned in any nationwide lawsuit.

Please contact Julie Ring with any questions, concerns, or any information about law firms that have approached you.   More information on this topic will also be shared during  upcoming AMC district meetings.