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County leadership needs are changing fast.  Counties are facing challenges today that are as urgent and daunting as they've ever been.  Increasing service demands and declining revenues have created new definitions for "more with less." The changing dynamics (and numbers) in the workforce have created human resources challenges that everyone in positions of authority must understand and embrace.  As a commissioner or key staff member, your leadership example is a critical element to creating a culture that attracts, retains, and motivates a workforce that can meet today's needs. 

The Summit is also an opportunity for you to meet and interact with your fellow county leaders who share your commitment to lead at a higher level.  You'll develop long-term relationships and networks that will be as beneficial to you as they will be to your employees and constituents.

At the Summit, you’ll learn about:

Leadership Presence
How do you present yourself as a leader?  What qualities would people use to describe you?  What qualities would you like people to say about you?  For the most part, these qualities are not gifts; they are disciplines that can be developed.  This module will discuss the qualities great leaders demonstrate to maximize their effectiveness with others and how to improve them in yourself.

Leadership Communication & Personal Skills
Great leaders are great communicators; however, there are many aspects of communication to master.  While communication content and quantity (transparency) is important, the quality of your communication is critical to ensure the content is received properly.  This module will cover how to communicate effectively, including mastery of the ability to listen. 

Leadership Assessment
Many people fail at leadership not because they don't know what the essential leadership qualities are.  Instead, they fail because of their inability to properly assess their own abilities as they apply to those qualities.  What you see in the mirror is not necessarily what others see.  This module covers the challenge of leadership assessment and how to address it.  This module includes a powerful assessment tool that you will take in the class and take with you when you leave.

Translating Qualities into Behaviors
While we may know what leaders are, it's hard to turn that into what leaders do.  One of the most important processes in leadership development is to translate leadership qualities into leadership behaviors and practices.  This module answers the question, "What are you going to start doing, stop doing, do more of, do less of, or do differently?"

Optimizing Board Effectiveness
One of the biggest challenges of serving on an elected board is balancing your need to represent your primary constituency and its values against the need to work effectively as a team with other board members who may embrace values that conflict with yours.  This module will cover the value of balancing multiple allegiances in an optimal way.  In addition, this module will help you maximize your influence on your board.

Creating a Positive Work Culture
Organizations today are recognizing the growing need to create a culture that attracts and retains the highest quality workforce.  That culture starts from top.  This module covers how to develop that culture and create an environment that garners commitment from your employees, not just compliance.

Leadership Vision
Leaders have a vision for the future.  While managers can estimate the future, great leaders create a vision that inspires others and motivates them to follow.  This module will cover the important quality of leadership vision and includes a powerful and memorable vision exercise.

Leaders fail without trust.  How do you build trust?  This module will break trust into memorable components participants can use to diagnose trust issues and develop plans to fix them.